Is Long Term Care Still Covered with Medicare, and How?

The fear of paying for Long Term Care in Warner Robins, GA is legitimate. The Medicare system has its faults, as the current political times can display. But, Medicare also does incredible things for many people who do not have any other option. In the case of a non-working loved one needing long term care, it may be their only choice. Does a family fit the criteria for Medicare in the context of long term care?

Medicare Plan A and Long Term Care

Thankfully, Medicare is perfectly suited to fill in the task of caring for a loved one. Medicare has no premiums for long term care, which is a saving grace for millions of families. In general, Plan A is the best plan for long term care and treatment for a particular illness. In the case of llness, a patient may receive about 100 days in skilled nursing care and pay nothing at all. After this period, the Medicare Premium may be applied. Not all families can be eligible for Plan A, and the details of which vary tremendously.

Non-Specific Illness

What if a family is not dealing with a specific illness but general aging for a loved one? Medicare can still have an impact, but families may pay a premium. The plans from B to D may be a more suitable fit in this scenario. Long term care is available in Plans C and D that will depend on the income of the family. Visit the website of Stone Insurance Agency Inc. for more specific information in this area. The numbers can vary based on a whole host of metrics, and it is unreasonable to have a basic guide for the long term. Families may pay $100 a month at the lowest, but it varies based on income, placement, age, work history of the loved one, illness, etc. Plan B is often the second choice for families.

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