Is James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding in NJ Appropriate For Your Home?

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Doors and Windows

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When a homeowner decides to purchase a historical home, they want to do what they can to maintain an accurate historical appearance. They want to do what they can to retain the original style and color as much as possible. There are even some houses that have to maintain their original style and color because they are registered with the National Registry of Historic Places. Naturally, this makes a lot of homeowners wonder whether or not James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding in NJ is an appropriate addition for their historic home.

You need to start by checking the historic places registries to see if your home is registered anywhere. If you find out that it is, there are pretty strict guidelines that must be followed when restoring the home. When you do business with a company such as Tristate Windows And Siding, your best bet is just to show them the guidelines so they can make sure to follow them when working on your home.

Whether or not James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding in NJ is an appropriate addition to your historic home party comes down to where you live. In Louisiana and South Carolina, some of the historic districts have a serious problem with termites. Having fiber cement siding installed would be fine in this situation because it is going to protect the home from the termites.

If you have a historic home that is part of a homeowners’ association instead of being registered as a historic place, you are going to find that the guidelines regarding what you can and cannot do to your home are a little more relaxed. Chances are pretty good your homeowners’ association is not too concerned about preserving the original look and style of the historic home. They are more concerned with making sure that your renovation job does not make your home an eye sore for the neighborhood. Naturally, you should just speak to your homeowners’ association before you hire a company to start doing any restore work on your home. Just tell them what you want done to your home and they should be able to quickly respond with whether or not it is fine for you to continue with your plans to restore the home.


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