Is Google Plus a Must-Have for Small Businesses? Check Out 4 Reasons Why It is

Running a small business is challenging. But with the right tools, success and growth can be a lot easier. That’s where platforms like the Google+ come in. Here’s why it’s a definite must-have for your organization.

Check out the numbers

Google Plus has about a million users, Yahoo says. They reached that number faster than Facebook did. That indicates a need and demand for the opportunities that Google Plus can offer business owners. With a million users on board, the numbers point to a market you can’t afford to ignore.

Get ranked and indexed

One of the most important reasons why you need to be on Google Plus is simple: exposure. If you have a Google Plus account, then you’re much more likely to get indexed and ranked by Google. That means you could score higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages). The higher you are on those pages, the more visible you are to users. With better exposure, your business can finally start picking up more clients. That’s going to improve your conversion rates and bottom line.

Increase authority and influence

Google Plus can also improve your authority and influence. Make this happen by providing the right details on your Google Plus profile. If you were going to buy your products/pay for your services, what kind of information will you want to hear? What can you say to make them whip out their credit cards and buy your best-sellers or sign up for your services? Figure that out. That’s one way to use Google Plus to your company’s advantage.

Enhance exposure

Sharing content online can do so much more for your business if you have a Google Plus presence. Every time you share relevant content, that links back to your site. That’s going to get you high rankings on the SERPs again.

Get started on Google Plus. Discover more reasons when you start creating your page.

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