Is a Reduced Bail Possible? Work With a Bail Bond Attorney in Hollywood, Florida

After an arrest, the person will often be given a bail amount that needs to be paid to secure their release from jail. This enables them to leave jail before hearings are complete so they can continue to work or attend school. The amount of bail typically depends on what the person is charged with and whether they are a flight risk. However, this amount can be excessive, so the person might want to seek help from a Bail Bond Attorney in Hollywood Florida.

Why is the Bail Amount So High?

Many criminal offenses have standard bail amounts that are automatically assigned when the person is arrested. This means they don’t take the person’s income or flight risk into account, which also means the amounts can end up being far more than the person can afford. This usually occurs with more serious crimes and crimes where it’s likely the person will commit the same crime again if they’re released before trial.

What Can a Bail Bond Attorney Do?

If the arrested person cannot afford their bail, even with bond, the attorney can try to convince the judge to lower the bail amount at a bail hearing. To do this, they’ll present evidence that the bail amount is a hardship for their client and the client is not a flight risk. In some cases, they might need to show there is not a chance their client will engage in the criminal act again if they’re released from jail on a reduced bail.

Is It Always Possible to Have the Bail Lowered?

The possibility of having the bail reduced depends on quite a few factors, so it’s not always possible to have it lowered. However, the bail bond attorney can let the person know if it’s possible in their case and, if so, what needs to be done to have a larger chance of the bail being reduced.

If you’ve been arrested and the bail amount is too high, you might want to speak with a Bail Bond Attorney in Hollywood Florida immediately to get assistance. They can help you try to convince the judge the bail amount should be lowered so you can be released from jail.

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