Is A Physician Assistant Education Program In Texas Right For You?

Before enrolling in any Physician Assistant Education Program in Texas, it’s only right that people know the basics of the profession. Since the coursework can be rigorous, people have to have a passion for it. A physician assistant is a person who is educated to the graduate level to work with doctors to diagnose and treat patients at medical facilities. In the state of Texas, doctors can even delegate prescription authority to physician assistants. It should be noted that the ability of physician assistants to write prescriptions varies from state to state.

More specifically, a Physician Assistant Education Program in Texas trains a person to be able to perform physical exams on patients. They also learn how to read and understand medical histories. This is important because terrible mistakes can be made if a patient’s medical history isn’t completely understood. A person in the program will also learn when to order diagnostic tests, and they will also be taught the ability to read such tests. The ability to come up with care management plans is another important part of the instruction. Physician assistants may also learn how to assist in surgery.

People often wonder what areas of medicine they can work in if they go through a Physician Assistant Education Program in Texas at UAMS or some other institution. Since they are getting a broad education during their time at school, physician assistants can work in a lot of areas of medicine. They can be found in internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, emergency care, and quite a few other areas. They are also prepared for career paths in research and education. Some find that working for the government is what they desire.

Physicians assistants are compensated quite nicely for their work. In the U.S., they have an average pay of around $90,000 per year. Those with just a year of experience can expect to make over $70,000. When going by the median hourly rate, physician assistants command just over $43/hr. The outlook for job growth is also good for this career path. As more people age, more people will be needed in health care. Population growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, so medicine is always a great field to start a career in.

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