Is A Marble Countertop The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?

A marble kitchen counter top is perhaps the “Rolls Royce” of counters. It is hard to match the timeless elegance of marble but the homeowner about to begin a major kitchen renovation should consider more than just the beauty of marble, they should also consider its durability in a tough environment like a kitchen. Let’s have a quick look at the advantages as well as the disadvantages of marble kitchen countertops in San Antonio.

The advantages:

Today, many kitchen designs are “free flowing,” meaning that the countertops are not necessarily rectangular with square corners. Because marble is a relatively soft stone, it is much easier to work with; it is also ideal if you want extremely complex edges. From an installers point of view marble is easy to work with, granite on the other hand is considerably more difficult and tends to chip.

   * Beauty: The principle feature of marble kitchen countertops in San Antonio is its beauty. Although other materials such as quartz and soapstone are white, they are nowhere close to the brightness of marble.

   * Naturally cool: Marble is a cool stone, if you tend to bake a lot in your kitchen you will enjoy the fact that it stays cool and does not conduct a great deal of heat.

The disadvantages:

As marble is a relatively soft stone this leads to certain disadvantages when it is employed as a countertop in a kitchen.

   * Scratches and stains: Many homeowners are quite aware of this supposed disadvantage but are actually pleased with the patina that develops over time. Although marble can be etched with acids, sealing it and keeping it sealed will combat stains.

   * Maintenance: Stains can be mitigated when the surface is sealed. The recommendation is that sealing should be done at least once a year if not more.

Whether marble kitchen countertops in San Antonio are right for you or not depends on whether you are willing to accept the maintenance routine and the patina that will result from daily use.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation and you want to install the most strikingly beautiful feature piece then consider marble kitchen countertops in San Antonio. You can discuss the features and benefits with the pros at Shaw Company Remodeling.

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