Inventive Ways To Use Landscape Masonry in Randolph NJ

An outdoor space should be an extension of a home and provide a relaxing and beautiful spot for family and friends to gather. While plants and other natural vegetation are great additions, one of the best ways to add character and create a unique space is to utilize landscape Masonry in Randolph NJ. Not only can this help beautify an area, but it can also add value and make a home easier to sell in the future. Here are just a few ways homeowners are redefining outdoor living through the use of exterior masonry installations.

Built-In Barbecues

No outdoor space is complete without a grill and basic outdoor kitchen facilities. For a barbecue that is made to stand the test of time, consider constructing it out of solid masonry. It will not only withstand the elements but stand up to regular cleaning and pressure washing. It will also give any backyard a finishing touch, as it will be built into the existing landscape and be a permanent feature to enjoy for many seasons.

Tiered Gardens

Landscape Masonry in Randolph NJ can also be used to construct tiered garden beds, which add visual height and are a perfect way for homeowners with small yards to increase the space they have for plants and vegetables. Masonry is a better option than wood, as it won’t break down due to exposure from sun and water, and will be a perfect compliment to any other masonry features that may already exist.

Patios and Pool Decks

Most contractors agree that masonry stones are an excellent choice for installation around pools and in patio areas. They resist staining and can withstand foot traffic and natural elements without showing signs of wear and tear. They are also easy to clean, and can be pressure washed regularly without creating damage. Give any pool or patio space a jaw-dropping appearance by utilizing custom masonry work.

With a little imagination and elbow grease, any outdoor space can become a beautiful oasis. The landscape design and installation experts at Bednar Landscaping can help a homeowner determine the best layout and assist with stone selection.