Invaluable Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll definitely benefit from this list of handy real estate tips from Bankrate. So read through the list and see in what you can do to start improving the way you sell or buy property.


Never overspend. While it might be overly tempting to consider going beyond your budget just to own a home that seems perfect for you in every way expect for its asking price, it’s not at all a smart move. Getting a house that’s way above your price range can tie up your financial resources for years. Putting yourself in debt for that long isn’t going to leave you with much room to spend on other things. If something happens in the future, you might find yourself financially unable to cope with the situation, leaving you vulnerable to emergencies.


Don’t overprice. Sellers often set impossible property prices, some way above the average for the going market rate simply because they’re allowing their heart to rule their heads. Remember that this is a business decision and buyers won’t take a second look at your property if it’s overpriced to the gills. So leave the emotion behind. To get an idea of how much the average market value is for homes like yours, look up Houston Property listings online. That’s a fast and easy way to find properties and compare prices in your area.


You always get what you pay for. If you’re going to go for cheap or low-cost housing, always be aware of what you’re sacrificing in order to take advantage of the low-cost savings. For instance, builders might be hiring untrained workers, not giving the concrete enough time to settle or using second-rate plumbing parts or units just to get the work done by the deadline. That’s not going to bode well for you and could even result in accidents, much less a home that’s structurally weaker in the long run. A home is a huge investment. So take the time to find the best one. If you really can’t afford something better, then don’t buy a home just yet. Wait it out until you’ve saved enough to get you the home you need.


Ask about your agent’s commission split. If they’re not inclined to pay the 6 percent commission for buyers’ agents. That could backfire on you since this makes buyers’ agents less inclined to work with your agents given the low commission rate, effectively stalling the buying process.

Lastly, don’t forget to hire an agent. Buyers and sellers alike find the services of an excellent agent invaluable.

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