Interior Design With a Purpose: 5 Fun and Unique Themes For Your Bedroom

Anyone can lay down a carpet or throw up some nice drapes. If you want to do something truly unique with your bedroom, you’ll need to decorate it around a theme. Here are just a few ideas for fun, imaginative bedroom styles!

1. Underwater

Dive deep into the ocean with an underwater theme. Navy-colored walls can cradle you to sleep like you’re submerged below the surface, and nautical items like wicker chairs and rope hangings can round off the look.

2. Hollywood Glamor

If you love gold leaves and silk sheets, consider a Hollywood theme for your bedroom. You can put naked bulbs over the vanity to make it look like a dressing room, and you can cover your mattress in luxury bedroom comforter sets to roll around like a rich celebrity.

3. Pop-Up Art

Creatives, this one is for you. Decorate your walls with bold, colorful prints from artists like Picasso and Andy Warhol. Have fun with striped wallpapers, geometric lamps or mosaic rugs. Make everything splashy and unique.

4. Royalty

Live like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle when you decorate with a royal theme. Purple is the best color to represent wealth, and you can make your furnishings heavy and ornate like the real ones at Buckingham Palace.

5. Flower Power

Floral prints can be quite versatile, so they’ll match a number of bedroom styles. For example, if you want something subtle, you can incorporate flowers into the room’s accents instead of its main decor. It’s up to you!

These are just a few bedroom themes that will catapult your interior design into a brand-new dimension. For more ideas, contact us at Thx Silk Inc. We can outfit your sleeping space with all kinds of pillows, blankets, sheets, duvets and luxury bedroom comforter sets!

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