Inside a Washing Machine

Though most individuals will understand how a washing machine actually cleans your clothes, many may not know what is actually contained within one. For those looking for washing machines in Milton Keynes a better understanding of what is exactly inside one, will help you identify any problems or issues that may come after years of prolonged use. Not only this, but should you gain a proper understanding of the mechanics of how a washing machine works, repairing smaller problems may become a quick DIY job without the need to call in a professional.

Inner and Outer Tubs

Once you take a look inside a washing machine, you will quickly see what makes it so heavy – and that is a block of concrete. The concrete in the washing machine serves to balance the electric motor that drives a gearbox attached to the inner tub made of steel. In fact, there are numerous components which make a washing machine heavy.
The washing machine itself consists of two steel tubs – the inner one which has holes on the side so that the water is allowed to leave and the outer tub, which is what locks in all the water and is firmly attached to the washer.


The plumbing on a washing machine performs numerous different jobs. Firstly it fills up the machine with water of the correct temperature. The second purpose is recirculate water around the tub as well as drain the water once the washing cycle has been completed. Washing machines will have two pipes on the back for cold and hot water respectively.

Anti-Siphon Device

The anti-siphon device in a washing machine essentially works to prevent dirty water from being drained back to the water supply lines which could potentially contaminate the water in your home or community at large.

Cable-And-Pulley System

Washing machines generally contain three main pulleys. This means that if one side of the frame moves upwards the other side will move downwards. This system supports the weight of the heavier parts meaning that when the washing machine is in cycle, it limits the amount of shaking that will inevitably occur.

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