Injured in a Fall? Hire an Injury Attorney in Joliet, IL to File an Insurance Claim

When a person is hurt because a business owner is negligent, she is entitled to damages. Those damages can be used to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles. If the person can’t work, damages can replace lost income. If the injury results in an unrelenting painful condition, the person is entitled to be compensated for pain and suffering. However, it is not always obvious who was negligent. A woman contacted an Injury Attorney in Joliet IL, because she was walking down the stairs in a hotel and the railing she was holding onto broke. She fell off of a high marble staircase and injured her back. She has been in constant pain since then. She has to walk with a cane and cannot work.

The Injury Attorney in Joliet IL, agreed to take her case. They then interviewed the hotel owner, who said he wasn’t negligent because he had had a licensed and insured contractor fix the railing a few days before. He even produced a video from the surveillance camera showing the contractor making the repairs. The attorney interviewed the local building inspector. He stated that the hotel owner was required to have staircase railings inspected after substantial repairs. The hotel owner did not have the railing inspected. Therefore, the attorney filed claims for damages with the hotel’s insurance company and the contractor’s insurance company.

Personal injury lawsuits can often involve several responsible parties. It can be difficult to discern which party is responsible for compensating an injured person. The insurance companies will try to shift the blame. An injury case attorney in Joliet IL, knows how to review the physical evidence and determine who bears any responsibility for injury. The contractor’s insurance company attempted to shift the blame to the business who made the railing and adhesives that were used to attach the railing. After several structural engineers reviewed the railing, it was evident that the contractor did not install the railing properly. His insurance company and the hotel’s insurance company eventually paid all of the woman’s medical expenses and lost wages. It even agreed to compensate her for her pain and suffering.

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