Information Acquired Through Vehicle Insurance Companies In Waukesha, Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, all automobile owners who have registered their vehicles are required to follow local auto insurance laws. The laws are in place to lower the financial impact of an auto accident and lower the risk of a lawsuit. The coverage will also provide assistance for victims that sustained injuries. The following is information acquired through Vehicle Insurance Companies in Waukesha Wisconsin.

Reviewing Insurance Requirements for Wisconsin

Currently, all auto owners are required to maintain three policies to cover the expenses of an auto accident. They include auto liability, underinsured motorists, and uninsured motorists. At the present time, their auto liability coverage must provide them with $25,000 for the initial injuries sustained in an auto accident. The policy must provide a maximum of $50,000. It must also provide $10,000 for property damage.

In addition, the underinsured and uninsured motorist policy must provide them with $25,000 for the initial injuries with a maximum of $50,000 for the total accident. The auto owner must maintain the policies to avoid criminal penalties for no insurance. The combination of the policies protection for drivers when others don’t possess adequate coverage.

When is Proof of Coverage Needed?

The auto owner must provide proof of coverage when they are stopped by law enforcement. They must also provide evidence of the coverage when registering a new vehicle or when renewing their tag. If they don’t have coverage for their vehicle, the DMV won’t allow them to register or renew their registration.

What are the Penalties for No Insurance?

The state imposes a fine that won’t exceed $500 for a failure to provide proof of insurance. If the auto owner has coverage and doesn’t have it with them, the state can impose a fine of at least $10 for each traffic stop in which they didn’t have proof.

In Wisconsin, all automobile owners must follow local insurance laws or face criminal penalties. Any failure to follow the laws results in a penalty including a fine. It also leaves the owner at risk for a lawsuit. Auto owners who need to review insurance with Vehicle Insurance Companies in Waukesha Wisconsin contact P & C Insurance Services Inc. or Visit the Website today.