Information About Termite Control in the Bronx

Termites are xylophagous (wood-eating) insects that live in the soil, in organized colonies consisting of “soldiers,” “laborers,” and are sexually-reproducing insects. They can eat wood slowly but efficiently, attacking wood (floor, beams, carpentry) at every turn because they need to feed on cellulose. Termites attack all species of wood, except some exotic woods.

A termite infestation begins at the bottom of the property and will work upward. Hiring the right Termite Control in the Bronx professional is the best way to ensure the problem doesn’t destroy the home or business.

How can people detect their presence?

The problem is that termites are very difficult to detect because they do not make noise and do not produce sawdust, unlike insects with insect larvae. Also, termites do not have pigmentation, which makes them very vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. They always hide behind a thin film of wood or paint to protect them from the sun’s rays.

Their presence is frequent in the gardens, especially when they have the chance to feed on wood present on and under the ground. This means that homeowners can determine a termite’s presence by heading out to their garden and looking for signs. If there are signs, schedule Termite Control in Bronx ASAP.

Preventive and curative treatments

All treatment services provided by a specialist should be covered by a multi-year warranty and include a free annual inspection visit. There are three main types of treatment:

• Preventive treatments, which are better than cure.

• Curative treatments are scheduled when termites are already at home in the property.

• Trap treatments, which are both preventive and curative, have a low environmental impact.

Termite treatment requires know-how and technical skills, so home and business owners should entrust their infestation to a specialist. The processes used are particular depending on the dwelling and its geographical location. Treatment techniques are numerous, so experts may not detail each method of treatment, but they will present the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Studies show that the damage caused by termites is defined by three factors: the material eaten, the rainfall in the area, and the abundance of organic products. Contact business name. for further advice.

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