Indoor playground equipment and flooring

Whether indoors or outdoors; a child will always be attracted to a playground, although the playground equipment may be of different sizes, the fun that a child has is the same. Indoor playground equipment is often a centerpiece in shopping malls, daycare centers, preschools and even children’s theme restaurants. The equipment is one of the wonderful ways to teach children how to cooperate and get along with one another as well as help in the development of their coordination skills.

Although the equipment may be different sized than outdoor equipment, the one genuine difference between an indoor and outdoor playground is the flooring. Outdoor playgrounds have a number of choices for the surface; sand, wood chips, pea gravel, ground up rubber and playground rubber flooring. This is not the case when the playground is indoors, here the loose materials cannot be used as it is impossible to keep them contained in the play area. Playground rubber flooring is a must when the playground is inside.

One wonderful thing about rubber floor mats is that they can become an integral part of the play apparatus. The sections of matting are available in a wide range of colors and can be cut and shaped. It is very easy to form puzzles and games on the floor. Perfect examples are a kid-size tic-tac-toe game where the children use X’s and O’s made from cut out carpet squares or a race track where the children are encouraged to stay in their own colored lane.

Many indoor playgrounds use equipment which can be assembled into a fully fledged obstacle course; this combines creativity with wholesome exercise as the children can move tubes and ramps to their hearts content. As this activity takes place on the floor, a soft, shock absorbing floor is important. Many obstacle courses are custom made and can be multi-level, allowing the child to enjoy all the different aspects of play; climbing, swinging, jumping, sliding are all part of learning.

As playground rubber flooring is easy to lay as well as take up, this is very popular for home playgrounds as well. Modern playground equipment is just as suitable in the home as it is in the mall; parents can quickly set up a guinea pig maze on the floor using tubes which can be joined to make long tunnels which can even connect to little rooms where kids can play tag, hide and seek or make-believe they are camping out.



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