Individually Customized Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City

Summers in Kansas City can bring lots of hot, dry weather. For residents who like to spend their days outdoors, this can cause plenty of discomforts. A backyard pool is a refreshing way to stay cool while still enjoying the warm sunshine and extreme temperatures. To get the most benefits from a pool area, it should meet the homeowner’s style and functionality needs. Customized Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City can be designed in a variety of styles to complement the outdoor landscape and improve a home’s value.

Free-Form Pools Can Accommodate Any Landscape

Unlike a rectangular pool, a free-form pool is a creative inspiration. The unique, curvy shape provides plenty of possibilities for landscaping ideas or a swim out bench that lets you relax while soaking your feet in the pool. While free-form pools look great in large backyards, they are a favorite in smaller areas because their shape creates many additional options for decking space. A traditional pool in a small lot may not permit much room for lounging or other activities.

Geometric Pools for Modern or Traditional Housing

Geometric pools provide a perfect balance of beauty and functionality. Their combination of straight and angled lines result in a classy, elegant pool. Some popular shapes include the oval, rectangular and Lazy L pool. An L-shaped pool provides versatility because it includes one area where adult guests can swim and another shallow space for children to play. Geometric Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City can be tailored to blend well with both modern and traditional-style homes.

A Spa Provides Ultimate Comfort

For those that just want to relax, a traditional pool might not fulfill all of their needs. In these instances, the addition of a spa can really add an extra level of comfort to a space. A spa lets you relax and unwind while enjoying all the health benefits of warmer water temperatures. Some homeowners may wish to install both a pool and a spa. This allows them to get their daily exercise in the pool and unwind later in the comfort of a spa.

Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs is a family-owned business with more than 50 years experience serving customers in the Kansas City region. As a proud member of the United Aqua Group, they have the design skills to create and maintain the pool of your dreams. To learn more about pool installation, visit website for additional details.

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