Indications that You Need New Car Brakes in Groton

Paying attention to your brakes could mean the different between life and death on the road. As you are driving down the highway at 80 miles per hour, you depend on your brakes to stop your car or to slow down. If you neglect to check your brakes, have them repaired, or have them replaced, the consequences will be deadly and expensive. So, how would you know when to replace your brakes? Here are a couple ways to know when you need to replace your brakes:

Your brake is pulsating

This is usually the first sign that you need new brakes.

It occurs because your brake pads are worn out and warped because of heat.

Squeaking/Grinding sounds are coming from your brakes

This could mean your brake pads are worn or glazed.

Squeaking indicates that your brake pads are becoming worn.

Grinding indicates that your brake pads are completely worn out or close to being completely worn out.

Squeaking sounds can act as a warning to get new brakes. Grinding sounds mean that you have to get your brakes replaced immediately.

Your car pulls to one side when you brake

This could mean that the lining of your breaks are wearing unevenly.

It could also mean there is something in the brake fluid or that the brake fluid is leaking.

Clicking sounds occur when your brake

Your brakes have a device installed to stop the brake pads from rattling and clicking. However, once this device wears out and/or breaks, the brake pads would start ratting and clicking again.

You can go to many places to replace your brakes in Groton. Some people would choose to go to the big auto mechanics and others would go to local auto mechanics. It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you have your brakes in perfect working condition. Your life is important and you want to be able to depend on your brakes. Check your car for the indications listed above to see if you need new brakes. If you are still unsure whether you need new brakes in Groton, bring your car into an auto shop and have your brakes checked. Working brakes can be the difference between life and death. Call Bumper to Bumper today.

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