Indications of a Problem With the Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

The operation of a hydraulic cylinder is based on a theory by Pasquel. While both sides contain oil, only one side is pressurized. This pressurization helps to differentiate the two sides of the cylinder. This differentiation helps to provide the mechanical movement of the piston. When this piston is connected to another object, it will cause that item to move. These are a few indications that the hydraulic cylinder is not working properly.

A lack of pressure between the two designated areas indicates a problem with the Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora. This difference in pressure is necessary to create the desired force. Once this pressure is lost, the piston will not be able to properly transmit the desired force. Instead, the amount of force generated is significantly less than what is needed.

A lack of movement by the piston is also another indication that there is a problem inside the cylinder. In this case, the piston may have become mechanically warped and become stuck. Warping can be caused by a misalignment of the equipment. It can also be damaged by a loss of hydraulic oil leading to a fusion of the interior parts of the cylinder. Forcing the piston to move without determining the cause may result in more damage to the cylinder.

Leakage of oil is another indication of an issue with the Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora. Leakage can occur when the seals are damaged. Operation with leakage will result in wasted hydraulic oil and can cause air bubbles to form in the cylinder. This can lead to impairment in the operation of the cylinder as well as a loss of transmittable force. Because air does not transmit the power the same way oil does, a bubble can lead to an unintended result or damage to other parts of the machine.

These are some of the indications that the cylinder is not operating as it should. Pressure must be maintained to create the desired force. Pistons need to have free movement to transmit that force. A loss of oil also indicates a problem. For more information on how to get these issues fixed, contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc.

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