Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Chicago Home: Simple Tips for Families

Now more than any time in the past, improved indoor air quality is crucial to homeowners’ safety and health. With many area residents still working from home and staying indoors due to winter weather, clean air is essential. Here, families will get a few simple tips to improve their indoor air quality.

Keep a Cleaner Home

Keeping the house cleaner will improve indoor air quality, especially when it gets colder outside. Vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting at least once per week may prevent the buildup of allergens and reduce the dust, dirt, and mold that brings the need for an air duct cleaner in Chicago.

Schedule Air Duct Cleanings

Even when Chicago residents clean their homes regularly, dirt and dust will still build up in air ducts. Scheduling regular cleanings will improve air quality and provide more even heating during winter.

Change Air Filters Regularly

A clean air filter is the HVAC system’s first line of defense as far as indoor pollution is concerned. While ductwork cleaning is best left to the pros, filter changes are easy enough for homeowners to accomplish.

Use an Air Purifier

No matter how clean your home is, dust and dirt will get in. With an air purifier, you can keep the home clean by trapping contaminants before they spread or build up.

Let the Pros Clean Your Ductwork

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