Improve Your Home Security with Dependable Garage Doors in Bloomington IL

Criminals and burglars often target homes with Garage Doors in Bloomington IL because they know that many people do not take garage door security seriously. There are a few ways you can make your home more secure and protect your family from intruders.

* Use a garage door opener with a rolling code. This technology prevents burglars with code grabber devices from driving through your neighborhood and picking up the code to your garage door so they can easily enter your home while you are away.

* Keep the entry door inside your garage locked with a secure deadbolt. Most people leave this door unlocked or have a flimsy lock that can be easily defeated by someone with tools that you have in your garage.

* Use a garage door remote that attaches to your key chain instead of clipping your remote onto the visor in your car. By keeping the remote to your garage in a visible place, you give thieves easy access to your home.

* If your garage door has windows, cover them so would-be thieves can’t see what you have stored in your garage. Click here to investigate how you can make your existing garage door more secure by frosting or covering the windows in a way that gives your home curb appeal while protecting your personal property.

* Use the garage door as it was intended and keep it closed. Leaving your garage door open allows people to see your property and make plans to steal it. If your garage is visible from the street and you leave it open, you may be inviting strangers into your home.

Whether you need a new garage door or just a repair to your existing door, it is important to keep your security in mind when choosing the right door for your home. Because Garage Doors in Bloomington IL are typically the least secure entry point of a home and therefore the first point of attempted entry by burglars, you can make your home a less likely target by simply installing and using a secure garage door opener and closing your garage door when you are not in the process of entering or exiting the garage.

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