Improve Your Home or Office Decor With Glass Atlanta GA

At one time the largest piece of glass that people had in their homes was the huge picture window in their living room or a full size mirror in the bath or bedroom. Then designers began to realize how well glass could make the decor stand out. In certain rooms such as the master bath a glass enclosure around the shower or tub gave the room an extra touch that was hard to acquire in any other way. Plus, glass was easy to clean and doesn’t attract mold or mildew like plastic shower curtains. Visit website for more details.

Glass Atlanta GA is used in a lot of settings. In your home it can be used for bathroom enclosures such as tubs or shower stalls. It can also create an interesting effect when used for shelving with a mirror backing. In commercial applications glass is used for enclosing buildings as well as separating offices and businesses from each other. One familiar purpose is the simple divider used in doctors offices. It can also be used to make one way mirrors making your office invisible to the employees while you still have the ability to see them working.

There are several types of Glass Atlanta GA including plate glass, laminated glass and insulated glass. Plate glass can be tinted or you can purchase glass with the tint formulated into the product. The former provides easy application while the latter offers better visibility with a more durable product. Laminated glass is made from multiple pieces of glass with a security layer of Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sealed in between. PVB is a tough resin which provides excellent optical clarity but keeps the glass from shattering when broken. This is very similar to the safety glass used in your vehicle.

Selecting which glass to use for your next project will depend on the project itself. Simple glass doesn’t lend itself to unique tasks like custom shelving, but tempered glass works great for these types of projects. Tempered glass like that supplied by MG Glass Inc is regular plate glass that has been cut to specific sizes and all holes and edges have been completed. The glass is then heated in an oven to create tension of the surface before it is allowed to cool.

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