Improve Productivity with Single Arm Monitors

A single monitor arm attaches to your wall, ceiling, or desk and holds your monitor. It is adjustable so you can raise or lower your monitor to the perfect height. Whether you sit, stand, or mix it up, you’ll be able to keep your monitor at eye level and within reach. In addition to relieving aches and pains, there are several reasons why you need this adjustable arm.

Eliminate Eye Strain

You know how tired your eyes can be by the end of the workday. Without being able to adjust your monitor to a comfortable level, you may experience eye fatigue, dryness, or blurred vision. Your monitor arm eliminates this by allowing you to place your screen at the ideal height, distance, and angle.

Remove Clutter

With a monitor arm, you don’t need to take up precious space on your desktop. You can use that space where your monitor used to sit for writing or storing other office supplies and equipment instead.

Increase Your Productivity

A monitor arm gives you total control over your visual display, which increases productivity. Depending on how many arms you use, you can place one screen above the other, have them side by side, or even use three in a row for a panoramic experience. You’ll no longer waste time going back and forth between screens.

You don’t have to put up with discomfort while working. Single monitor arms will make your workdays so much more enjoyable. Visit BodyBilt to learn more.

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