Improve Mobility With A Stair Climber In Pittsburgh PA

Mobility after surgery or as an individual ages is very important. A staircase can become a massive challenge for an individual recovering from an illness, surgery, accident, or because of their age. Due to the terrain in Pittsburgh, there are a lot of homes that have basements and are two stories.

An individual can easily move from the first to the second floor or from a first floor into a basement for maximum mobility inside of their home with a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA. A stair climber is affordable and reliable. It can easily fold up, so everyone can continue to use the stairs.

Myths About Stair Climbers

A stair climber can also be called a chair lift. Many people think that a stair lift is only used by an elderly person. This is far from the truth. Many individuals who have old sports injuries, a trick knee or suffer from a bad back suffer from pain when climbing the steps.

Another myth about a stair climber is it won’t fit the stairs. It doesn’t matter what the length, curve or width of a staircase, an experienced stair lift dealer can provide an individual with the one they need.

A lot of people are concerned a stair climber requires an individual to make alterations to their home as part of the installation. A stair climber never has to be bolted to the wall and large amounts of alterations do not need to be made. A stair climber attaches to the steps and not the wall.

What Happens When The Power Goes Out?

A great feature that is offered for a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA is a battery backup. A battery backup will keep the stair climber operating throughout a power outage for an individual isn’t stranded on a particular floor.

An individual can receive a free, no obligation in-home consultation. In addition, there is a first-year free maintenance program available for stair lift installations. If you’re interested in improving mobility within your home for yourself or a family member, contact McArdle Surgical. They provide a variety of medical supplies including Acorn and Brooks Stair Lifts. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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