Improve Home Value and Appearance Using Residential Window Installation in Hollywood FL

There are many aspects of a house that affect its appearance and functionality such as siding or roofing, but the windows tend to be the most important. Old windows can make the whole building look shabby and even lower its resale value. Residential Window Installation in Hollywood FL can help by removing those worn or shoddy windows and replacing them with something better. Window replacements come in various materials including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and the traditional wood frame. Each of these options offers various benefits and trade-offs. For instance, wood frames are perfect when the home needs that historical appearance, but wood requires a lot of maintenance.

Alternative frame materials can provide some benefits that wood ones do not. A Residential Window Installation in Hollywood FL using vinyl frames can provide a reliable seal between the window and wall so that air doesn’t leak in or out. Drafts around windows can cost the property owner a lot of money in wasted utility bills. Even worse, old windows can allow outdoor noises into the home and distract its occupants. One possible option when choosing vinyl inserts. These are replacements that fit inside the existing frames and could be an excellent solution for certain homeowners.

Fiberglass window frames are a more recent options and they could be the best choice for dealing with those tough Florida storms. Fiberglass frames are extremely durable and waterproof. The finished product has an incredibly beautiful wood appearance and it requires very little maintenance. Combine this with impact resistant glass and the window is very close to perfect. Unlike vinyl frames, fiberglass tends to require a more traditional installation, which means that some siding removal may be necessary.

Aluminum framed windows are not as common in residential installations as they once were, but aluminum can provide a strong, weather resistant window. This can be important when severe storms hit the Hollywood area. Aluminum windows create a more industrial appearance that typically fits in with specific construction styles. One thing about aluminum frames that some people prefer is their small size. These window frames tend to be thin which provides more visible space for looking outdoors. Get more information here about residential windows, screen enclosures and hurricane services.

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