Impress Your Friends with an Optical Illusion by Purchasing a 3D LED Lamp

Do you enjoy searching for that unique item for your home? Perhaps you have an eccentric taste and like to decorate your home with unusual pieces that will impress your guests. If so, 3D illusion LED lamps can provide a creative way to illuminate your home with a decorative piece that will accent your specific style. A lamp that is designed to trick the eye with an optical illusion, you can impress your friends when they are visiting your home. These amazing lights are perfect for combining today’s technology and a striking piece of art to decorate your home with.

How They Work

3D Illusion LED Lamps are created from a single thin sheet of acrylic glass when you are standing directly in front of the lamp. On the piece of glass, a pattern or photo is changed into a 3D digital model that is illuminated by various lights that are placed beneath the glass. When turned on the lights will flash to create the 3D image that is etched onto the glass. Anyone that is not standing right on top of the light will see the multi-angled image when their eyes are tricked by the optical illusion the lighting and glass create.

Order Yours Online Today

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