Important Things to Know About Environmental Remediation in Des Moines

In its simplest form, environmental remediation is the process of removing toxins from soil, surface water, groundwater, and sediment. Environmental remediation in Des Moines is typically utilized to recover polluted areas when there is a risk of environmental damage or human health.

Who Sets the Standards?

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA defines the fundamental principles frequently applied when environmental remediation in Des Moines is necessary. It’s worth noting that extra-statutory criteria may apply in some locations.

This is a critical reason why businesses should collaborate with environmental remediation professionals if their job contaminates the environment in any way. Environmental cleanup professionals will be well-versed in all applicable laws and regulations.

What Do Environmental Cleanup Companies Do?

Once contacted, companies such as Earth Services & Abatement follow a few key steps in how they approach things. During phase one, the remediation team will conduct an assessment to determine what kind of contamination they are dealing with. In some cases, phase two testing is required because the remediation company doesn’t have the information to determine what is going on.

Once the team has the information necessary, they can use it to help them decide what approach they will take to deal with the contamination. This is necessary because different techniques and processes are used based on the contamination present. They also use the information to determine what safety measures they must put into place to protect the workers involved in remedying the environment.

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