Important Signs To Notice Before Seeing A Mechanic For Brakes in Ashburn, VA

The importance of your vehicle’s brakes are often unnoticed. This is due to the fact that they’re used so often. However, once you stop and think about it, your vehicle is constantly relying heavily on its brakes. You rely on your brakes to slow down, stop, park, make turns, and so on. You do some of these things dozens or hundreds of times a day. This is why it’s important to make sure your brakes are always working properly. Drake’s Brakes has mechanics that can check, repair, and replace your brakes if necessary. Here are a few indicators to pay attention to before you visit one of these great mechanics.

Pay attention to how your brakes respond when activated. When you press on your brakes, you should feel a very smooth amount of resistance. You shouldn’t feel any vibrations or rattling while having your foot on the pedal. When your pedal vibrates, it usually means your rotors are warped. This is usually caused by too much friction from constantly pressing on your breaks for too long. This can cause the pads to become extremely hot, and results in the pads losing their shape. Since the pads have become uneven they aren’t able to be grabbed properly while breaking. This is what causes the vibrations and excess resistance. If you experience this, you should contact a repair service for Brakes in Ashburn, VA.

While staying on the subject of brake response, some drivers tend to have the opposite effect of unusual resistance. That is to say, they have little to no resistance at all. When you press on your brake pedal, your vehicle should begin to slow down immediately. If you press down hard on your brake pedal, your brakes should lock right away. However, if you start to notice that you’re not receiving an immediate response when activating the brakes, it could be a sign that there’s a problem with your break line. When there’s a leak in the brake hose, your brake pedal tends to ‘sink’ softly as you press it. This could mean that air is escaping from the line or brake fluid is escaping elsewhere. Either way, you should contact a service for Brakes in Ashburn, VA. Have a mechanic examine the problem to see what they can do.