Important Reasons to Hire Loveland, CO Professional Roofing Companies

Some homeowners consider attempting roof repair as a DIY project. However, there are important reasons to hire one of the professional roofing companies in Loveland CO instead. First, leak sources can be difficult to find since water travels along the interior structure before it descends. Second, working this far off the ground can be dangerous, even for experienced roofers.

Relevant Statistics

Occupational statistics verify the dangers of roofing as an occupation. Hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injuries happen annually, according to a report from

USA Today

. The situation with homeowners and DIY roofing projects is substantially worse. Around 97% of injuries associated with ladder usage occur on residential property and are unrelated to an occupation. Nearly 40% of fatalities connected with falling at home involve ladders and roofs.

Hazardous Activity

Roofing ranks sixth in a list of hazardous occupations published by CNN Money. The most serious incidents typically happen when someone falls from a building or ladder. Workers might slip off a ladder rung or trip or slip from the roof. Some walk off the edge while distracted or not paying close enough attention.

Injuries happen for other reasons as well. Workers can be hurt when using power tools. They may develop joint or muscle strain while spending hours kneeling.

The Best Choice

All of these details clarify why hiring roofing companies in Loveland, CO for repair service is the best choice. Reputable contractors will have no problem showing proof of insurance verifying they are responsible for expenses if an accident ever would occur.

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