Important Qualities of Siding Minneapolis MN Homeowners Consider When They Remodel Their Home’s Exterior

Updating the exterior of your home often means installing or replacing siding. Siding is a good option for a number of reasons. It is effective at protecting your home, it looks nice and it doesn’t require much maintenance. There are a wide variety of siding products on the market. While making a decision on the type of siding Minneapolis MN homeowners consider its durability, colorfastness and its warranty.

A good siding product will withstand most weather conditions. It shouldn’t blow off your home during a thunderstorm and should be able to retain its beauty after a harsh Minnesota winter. Because your siding may face harsh weather and lots of snow, you need a product that won’t rot or deteriorate after prolonged exposure to moisture.

The color you choose for your siding should be the color you see on your home for years after it is installed. A fade-resistant or colorfast siding product won’t fade in the sun and it won’t have to be scraped and painted every few years. The paint on traditional wood siding will peel, leaving your home looking less-than-attractive. Fiber cement siding is painted in the factory, making the color more likely to withstand the sun and precipitation. Vinyl siding is colorfast but is often requires more maintenance because it is not as durable as other siding products.

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When you purchase your new siding, expect to get a warranty on the product and a guarantee on the installation. Your warranty should cover the structural integrity of the siding for its lifetime. You may also get a warranty from your installer that covers their workmanship. Siding is a major investment and a warranty that covers the integrity of the product and a guarantee from your installation contractor that the work is not properly are both very important.

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