Important Facts about Lipo in CT

Having a good body image is important for having a high level of self-esteem and being confident in yourself. Eating right and exercising regularly go a long way in keeping your body health and fit, however, even when you do this you can still have areas of your body that you are not happy with. If you have decided to get surgery to fix your problem areas, the following are some important facts that you should know about liposuction before undergoing the procedure.

It targets areas that diet and exercise do not

Liposuction can target pockets of fat on your body that diet and exercise do not get rid of. While eating properly and working out on a regular basis is important for staying health and maintaining lower levels of body fat, genetics determines the way that fat is distributed on the body. This means that there are stubborn areas that only liposuction can remove in order to shape and re-contour the body.

It is not an effective weight loss method

While liposuction is very effective for changing the overall shape of the body, it is not an effective means of weight loss. Regulations as well as health and safety precautions prevent the removal of an excessive amount of body fat during a liposuction procedure. Therefore this surgery is not intended for dramatic weight loss, but rather improvements through body sculpting.

Liposuction can improve your health

Lipo can actually help to improve the health of some individuals that undergo the surgery. This because lipo can target the abdominal area, and a reduction of fat cells in this area usually lowers the chances of certain health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes.

Once removed the fat cells are gone forever

While you can gain weight all over your body after having a liposuction treatment, when you remove fat cells they are gone from that area forever. This means that subsequent weight gain goes to other areas of your body.

These are a few important facts you should know about Lipo in CT before you make the decision to undergo the procedure. If you are looking for an experienced and well-qualified plastic surgeon that can give you the results you want for liposuction, a tummy tuck or other cosmetic procedures, contact Martin Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with an industry expert.

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