Important Factors for Making the Case After a Slip & Fall Accident in North Las Vegas

After a Slip & Fall Accident in North Las Vegas, insurers often pay the claimant without question. Many cases are straightforward, and the property owner must accept responsibility for not keeping the premises safe. Legally, the concept is known as premises liability.

An Example of Premises Liability

For instance, a bathroom floor that has been cleaned and is still wet is slippery. The cleaning personnel are supposed to put up a yellow warning sign to let visitors know about this situation. If they neglect to do so and someone falls, this is usually a clear case of premises liability.

In other cases, however, proving the property owner was responsible is difficult. The insurer may dispute the claim after a Slip & Fall Accident in North Las Vegas takes place. At this point, the individual may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer and determine how to proceed.

Two Aspects Regarding Proof

There are generally two aspects to proving the case if an insurer disputes it. One is showing evidence that the property was unsafe and that the owner was responsible. The second is maintaining that the injured person was not acting negligently when the incident occurred.

An Example of Individual Negligence

For example, an employee may have put up a yellow warning sign but the visitor to the premises may have ignored it. The visitor might not have even seen the sign because he or she was texting on the phone. This makes the claim problematic.

Consulting the Attorney

The attorney will ask questions about these possible circumstances during the initial consultation. It’s essential that the person is honest, because there’s always the possibility of an eyewitness coming forward or security camera footage verifying the property owner’s statement.

If an attorney from an organization such as Isso & Hughes Law Firm believes the claim is valid and the liability can be proved, the injured person may decide to hire the lawyer. Having professional legal representation makes it more likely that the insurance company will cooperate, as lawyers know the best methods for approaching an insurer and negotiating favorable terms. See the visit website for information on this particular organization.

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