Important Consumer Information for Windshield in Marana Repairs

While cruising on Interstate 10 in Arizona enjoying the scenery it happens -; as if out of thin air a rock smacks into the windshield with a loud whack! Or maybe the exact moment isn’t known and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Now, what to do? The best and the most prudent option is to perform Auto Glass Repair as soon as feasible.

If addressed early enough, most cracks and chips are repairable. When repairs are delayed, the elements such as rain, can wash dirt into the crack, making it harder to repair and seal. The longer the damage goes without repair the more likely cracks and chips will increase in size. The road vibrations caused from driving or even playing the radio too loud in the vehicle can turn chips into cracks. Extremes in temperature also affect chips and cracks.

Windshield in Marana repair by a trained technician restores a vehicle’s windshield’s integrity and strength, both of which are extremely important. Aside from the obvious benefit of visibility, a windshield serves two other main functions. First, a windshield enables the passenger-side airbag to perform correctly. When deployed, a passenger-side air bag is deflected off the windshield towards the passenger, therefore a windshield has to be able to endure a force of 2,000 pounds. Secondly, a vehicle’s windshield delivers 30-percent of the roof’s structural integrity. Without this level of integrity, a vehicle’s roof would collapse during a rollover accident.

The procedure for Windshield repairs in Marana of cracks and chips is relatively easy and straightforward. The repair technician inspects the crack or chip to determine if it can be repaired. Typically, chips less than one inch in diameter and cracks less than the width of a dollar bill (about 3 inches) can be repaired. Damages that occur in the driver’s direct line of sight are not repaired because even the best of repairs may leave behind a fogginess or discoloration that reduces visibility. If the damage is repairable, the technician cleans and dries the area and then injects a special polymer resin that bonds to the damaged area. The area is cured under an ultraviolet light and polished and buffed erasing any sign of damage. Driving with a repaired Windshield in Marana is a win-win for everyone. Find more details.

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