Importance of Water Conservation in Wichita KS

Water is arguably one of the most precious resources, especially because it is an essential element for sustaining life on earth. Water has numerous uses including, consumption, maintaining cleanliness, generation of power, and growing food among others. However, due to the growing population, the demands for water by far exceed the rate at which water supply can be naturally replenished, which necessitates water conservation. Discussed below are the reasons why you should uphold water conservation in Wichita KS.

Life sustenance

Lack of fresh water would ultimately mean the extinction of all living things, including human beings, animals and plants. Countless plants and animals, including alligators, amoebas, and cypress trees to mention a few rely on lakes, wetlands and springs for their very survival. It is therefore imperative that we conserve water, to sustain life.

Saving costs

The less water you use, the more money you save. If you utilize basic water conservation techniques, you will be able to save thousands of gallons of water annually, which means that the water company will charge you less money.

Saving energy

A lot of energy is required to pump water from a central facility to your home. Therefore, saving water essentially means saving energy which will help in reducing your carbon footprint. The result of this is helping your country to become more energy dependent.

Reduction of sinkholes formation

While sinkholes formation is a natural occurrence, the situation can be worsened by heavy withdrawals from the groundwater, which significantly reduces the water in the underground caverns.

Reduction of saltwater intrusion

A salty groundwater layer underlies the fresh ground water. Extremely high rates of fresh groundwater removal will lead to drawing up of the salty groundwater from the wells, polluting the aquifer. Practicing water conservation techniques will reduce the need to overdraw fresh water from the ground, preventing salt water pollution.

There are numerous other reasons why water conservation in Wichita KS is of paramount importance. You can conserve water by employing modern methods of irrigation such as the use of high-quality sprinklers. Contact Rain Link Inc. d.b.a. Stan’s Sprinkler Service for quality and affordable sprinkler installation and repair for both your residential and commercial irrigation projects. Visit for details.

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