Importance of Machine Alignment in San Antonio

One of the methods of ensuring optimal performance and reduced downtime of equipment and machinery is through the process of machine alignment. When the belts and shafts of rotating machinery are not in proper alignment, there is a higher risk of damage. Improper alignment also makes the machinery work harder than necessary resulting in increased wear and tear of its internal components.

Improper alignment increases the stress on the machinery and will ultimately lead to a range of problems that will require the services of repair technicians. It will also lead to equipment downtime resulting in loss of revenue, productive time, delay in fulfilling clients’ orders, etc. all of which will negatively impact the firm’s bottom line.

Consequences of Machine Misalignment

Misalignment increases the friction between machine parts, causing excessive consumption of energy, increased noise and vibration, excessive leakage of seal lubricant, etc. It also causes damage to couplings and seals, and this usually results in lubrication problems.

In most cases, the equipment owners replace the seal with a new one. However, this does not solve the main issue. The only permanent solution to the problem is by engaging the services of technicians and professional firms who specialize in machine alignment in San Antonio.

Detecting Machine Misalignment

All heavy equipment and machinery need to be properly aligned on both the vertical and horizontal planes. There are different ways of detecting machine misalignment, but conventional alignment methods involve a visual inspection using a ruler or straightedge that is positioned on bearings that support more than one shaft.

Use of Dial Indicators

Though this method is easy and relatively quick, it is very inaccurate and does not provide the level of accuracy required by modern precision machinery. Other methods of detecting machine misalignment include the dial indicator, which provides a higher degree of accuracy than the use of rulers. However, it requires expert technical skill and is more time-consuming.

Laser Method

After detecting the area and degree of misalignment, the technician determines the best method of correctly aligning the machine’s internal components. In most cases, these firms make use of the laser method to correctly align the machine’s components.

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