Importance of Dog Obedience Training in Chicago, IL

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and wondered how it was that their dog was well-mannered and calm, only to go home to your jumping, licking, monster of a canine who refuses to listen? It may be time to take your devilish dog to school. Obedience training can turn even the most rough-edged dog into a fine specimen of canine citizenship. In an urban environment, it is even more important that your companion understands and obeys at least basic commands.

Dog Obedience Training in Chicago, IL is of paramount importance. A dog who can’t heel (walk loosely on a leash beside you, or at your heel) is a miserable individual to take for a daily walk. One who won’t come on command may wander off at a dog park or other off-leash opportunity. Likewise, a well-trained dog will earn his title as man’s best friend. A canine who knows how to obey is a proven stress reducer, is less destructive, and is more well-adjusted than his untrained counterparts. Your pet should never be a source of stress and anxiety, and a rowdy dog is often just that. Additionally, canines with excellent behavior can earn the title of “therapy dog,” and open the door for you to provide some extremely rewarding community service.

Take a long look at your pup and consider his behavior. Compare that to the behavior of the dog of your dreams, whatever you think ideal is. If those mental images are far removed from one another, it’s time to take your best friend for some Dog Obedience Training in Chicago IL. You will be amazed at how much fun you’ll have in training, how rewarding the experience is, and how much happier and more relaxed your life is with an obedient dog. Your dog will be happier, too! You will be more likely to provide a walk when it doesn’t mean tug of war with the leash, and playtime will be a joy rather than a chore. Dogs want to please their masters, and by teaching him proper obedience, you’ve allowed him to enter the mode that leaves him most satisfied.