Implants Pewaukee WI Can Save You a lot of Personal Trouble

Dental implants are one of the marvelous innovations in dentistry that is actually revolutionizing cosmetic dentistry and replacing the need for dentures. An implant can replace the need for extensive dental work such as bridges. The technology of today makes dental implants more affordable and the implant into the jaw bone is now easier than in the past.

The dental implants provide an advantage over other bridges and false teeth. An implant is embedded directly into the jaw bone and the bone heals around the implant post. The implant will function as the original tooth did which is to position the tooth securely in the mouth. It is not the same as the original connection, but the implant serves the same function and you will never have to worry about a root canal.

Bone deterioration will occur when a tooth is lost and bone loss will eventually occur in that area of the jaw bone because the root is not there to provide the stabilization and structure that the bone needs. A general overall deterioration of the jaw bone can occur if too many teeth are lost. Implants are made of titanium which biochemically adheres to the bone. In effect, the implant replaces the root, and the bond created by the implant accurately simulates the bond created by nature. Implants Pewaukee WI can explain the way that implants solve the problem.

People who have lost most of their teeth and do not have implants or dentures will find that most of their bone just melts away. It is like muscles; if you don’t use them they will disappear. People who are missing most of their teeth will have a face that appears to be caved in. Their face can become distorted in many instances. The loss of teeth can extend damage beyond the immediate area of the loss. The remaining teeth can be affected also. The teeth and the jaw bone work as an anatomical unit to create a structure for the face. The loss of teeth can move the surrounding teeth to different positions and this problem will create aesthetic and bite problems. There are so many problems caused by the loss of teeth that a consultation with Implants Pewaukee WI would be very helpful.