Imagine Having a Gorgeous Smile With Invisalign in Redding

Those who look in the mirror and cringe when they see their teeth are often unhappy because their teeth are out of alignment. When a person’s teeth are not aligned properly, their smile often does not look as attractive as they would like it to. Though people have had the option of traditional orthodontic care for many years, some people shy away from these treatments because they do not want their mouth to be full of metal appliances that cause them embarrassment. Thankfully, dentists can now offer Invisalign Redding. With Invisalign, patients can receive the orthodontic care they need without the embarrassment.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign never requires a metal piece to be placed in the mouth. In fact, the device that straightens the teeth is made of a unique plastic that is completely clear when placed in the mouth. The vast majority of people cannot tell when a person is being treated with Invisalign so no one has to feel embarrassed about the appearance of their smile while they are being treated.

To find out whether or not a person is a good candidate for Invisalign, they need to schedule a consultation and have their teeth fully examined by the dentist or orthodontist. After a thorough examination, the dentist can decide whether a person will benefit from Invisalign or whether they need a more traditional approach to orthodontic care. It is important to note, Invisalign is only recommended for adolescents and adults.

During their treatment with Invisalign, a person will wear each clear aligner tray for a period of two weeks. Once the old aligner has reached the two-week mark, it is tossed in the trash and the next aligner is put in place. Aligners are worn in succession to ensure the teeth slowly move into their projected position for a straighter, more beautiful smile.

Through their dental services, people can achieve a beautiful and better functioning smile. Call the office today to get started and schedule a consultation appointment. With Invisalign, your smile can be made perfected so it looks more beautiful than you ever thought was possible.

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