If You’ve Been Injured on The Job, Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Nassau County, NY

Being injured on the job is not the best experience. They’re injured, and they’re also concerned that the company will fire them, or they won’t be paid if they have to be off work. A workers’ compensation attorney in Nassau County, NY will help an injured worker recover lost wages and medical bills they incur as a result of their accident. An injured worker should not be pressured to return to work when they’re not physically able to. Unfortunately for the injured worker, some companies will make every attempt to deny a claim and force the employee back to work in some type of capacity.

Under the law, you’re entitled to receive benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation program. It’s always important to inform a supervisor that you’ve been injured. Even if the injury is a small cut, any infection that would enter the wound could result in a more serious condition. In addition, paperwork for a claim must be completed for it to be valid. A workers’ compensation attorney in Nassau County, NY can help an injured worker complete their paperwork and ensure they meet all of the deadlines necessary for their claim. It’s important for the injured worker to focus on their health and healing from their injury instead of worrying about deadlines and paperwork.

In New York, an injured worker is entitled to two-thirds of their weekly rate of pay. There is a maximum on the amount of money someone can receive each week. A worker is also covered for medical expenses they incurred as a result of their injury. The first seven days of missed work are not paid to an employee unless their disability lasts for longer than fourteen days. If an employee loses their life on the job or if they got hurt pretty bad and they can’t do it by themselves, a surviving spouse, child or parent can file a claim on their behalf.

The Law Office of Steven R. Smith has been representing injured workers and personal injury victims with great success. Their knowledge and experience will result in a better outcome for your case. If you’ve been injured on the job or suffered a personal injury, please visit the website to find out more information.

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