If You’re in Trouble, You Can Get Bail Bonds in Sedgewick County 24/7

Bail has never been just a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Someone has to post a guarantee that the defendant will return to court as scheduled. The concept of bail — posting something of value to guarantee a return for trial — has existed for many centuries. At one time, bail was not money or property, but a person. In England, in the 13th century, a custodian would say that they would take the place of the accused if the accused did not appear before the judge. If the accused was found guilty and was not present, the custodian would hang.

If the defendant does not appear now, the ‘custodian’ may lose money or property, but won’t have to suffer the defendant’s punishment. The bondsman has posted the bond with the court. The defendant or his/her family has made a private arrangement with the bondsman to repay the bondsman; from the point of view of the defendant, bail is somewhat like a loan. When the defendant’s case is completed, their property or cash will be returned, minus the bondman’s fee and expenses.

If the defendant has ‘skipped’, the bondsman is authorized to find him and return him to custody. When America was a young nation, there were far too few policemen to chase and rearrest everyone who decided that running was better than jail. In 1872, bounty hunters were legitimized in the case of Taylor vs. Taintor. Bounty hunters were now officially allowed to cross state lines in pursuit of fugitives and did not need a warrant to enter the fugitive’s home to arrest them. Until 1966 when the Bail Reform Act was passed, bounty hunters had free rein to capture fugitives any way that they wanted. Now, bounty hunters (or Bail Enforcement Agents) need to follow state and local laws while hunting for someone.

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