If You Suspect Abuse, Contact Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Immediately

Choosing a nursing home for a parent or spouse is one of the most difficult decisions that anyone can make. It’s painful to realize that someone who once was so independent is no longer able to take care of themselves. It’s heart-wrenching to trust others with their care.

Nursing Home Abuse Is Far Too Common

As the number of seniors in the population increases, so too does the prevalence of abuse in nursing homes. This abuse can take many forms, including neglect, bedsores or pressure ulcers, dehydration and malnutrition, falls, problems with medications and improper treatment of medical problems. The resident may die as a result of poor treatment.

Vigilance Is Essential

Everyone in a nursing home needs someone who will monitor their condition and protect their rights. If the staff at the nursing home is aware that someone is constantly checking on the resident, abuse is less likely to occur. If there is a developing problem, action can be taken.

Check the Food

Many seniors don’t have much appetite. How does the food look and taste? The residents of a nursing home will have different tastes and dietary requirements, so satisfying everyone can be challenging. However, they are being paid to provide food that the residents will eat. Visit at mealtimes; if possible, have a meal with the resident or at least take a taste. Malnutrition and dehydration are serious health issues.

Is There a Bad Odor?

Older people can develop bladder control problems. If there is a stale urine odor, this indicates that the floors are not being cleaned regularly. This may also indicate unsanitary conditions elsewhere.

Are the Staff Overworked?

If staff are working a lot of overtime, they will be stressed. Nursing home abuse attorneys in San Antonio suggest checking the staff ratio rating on Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare Tool.


Many seniors bruise easily because their skin has become thin and fragile. However, too many or hand-shaped bruises are a danger signal.


On average, nursing home residents fall several times a year. How are these falls handled? Family should be called immediately after a fall. What follow-up care was given? What is being done to prevent another fall?

If you suspect that your loved one could be a victim of nursing home abuse, contact Law Office of Jesse Hernandez for a free initial consultation. Discuss the situation with experienced nursing home abuse attorneys in San Antonio.

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