If You Hear These 3 Noises, Schedule Chicago, IL, HVAC Repair Services

Older HVAC systems make little noises every now and again, and typically the equipment is in good working order. If you hear one the following three noises, though, don’t ignore it. It’s time to shut down the system and find HVAC repair services nearby Chicago, IL.


Thumping from inside your duct work, vents, blower, and other HVAC system typically indicates that debris or pests have infiltrated the system. The sound may also indicate that a large component of the equipment is broken and being thrown around by the fan. You shut down the system to prevent any further damage.

High-Pitched Squealing

Squeaking can happen with older HVAC systems, but high-pitched squeals indicate that something has gone awry with the equipment. It may be a loose belt, something caught in the fan, or low lubrication. These issues can be fixed easily with HVAC repair services nearby Chicago, IL, but ignoring the noise may cause serious damage.

Loud Clicking

Loud clicking could be an electrical short or debris caught in some area of the HVAC system. Electrical issues can spark fires or destroy part of the equipment. Shut down the system when you hear loud clicking and call a HVAC company to examine the equipment.

Where to Find JVAC repair Services Nearby Chicago IL

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