If You Are in Need of Bail Bondsmen in Stratford, CT

When a person is arrested and is about to be placed in jail, a judge will often set a bail amount for the person so they can be released. If the person doesn’t have the money to afford the bail, some other source, such as a bail bond agency, can help. There are bail bondsmen in Stratford, CT who will help defendants get out of jail and return to their normal lives until the time of the hearing. Here are some things people need to understand about the bail bond process in Connecticut.

The Bail Bond Process in Connecticut

After being arrested and booked in Connecticut, defendants will go before a judge who will set a date for the trial. The judge decides whether to release the person on their recognizance or to set a bail amount. Generally, most people do not have the amount of money for bail and have to count on the services of a bail bond agency. The bail bond agency will post the bail for the defendant for a fee, which is usually around 10 percent of the total bail. The bail bond agency may also require collateral from the defendant.

More About the Bail Bond Process in Connecticut

The collateral is collected as an insurance policy in case the defendant decides not to show up for court as required – also known as skipping or jumping bail. The collateral is anything of significant value, including property like a car, boat, bonds, or expensive jewelry. If the defendant decides not to show up as scheduled, the collateral will have a lien placed on it to satisfy the amount of the bail. As long as the defendant shows up to all scheduled court hearings, everything should be fine.

A Bail Bond Agency in Connecticut

People who live in Stratford can browse the Internet to find a bail bond agency when they are in need. Aces Bail Bonds Inc. is a bail bond agency in Stratford that provides bail services to defendants in the area. If a defendant or the family needs the services of bail bondsmen in Stratford CT, this agency is available. Visit their website for more information.

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