Identifying The Minimum Requirements For Auto Insurance In Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma drivers are subject to a fault system. The system indicates that law enforcement identifies a driver who was accountable for the accident in their report. The driver who is responsible for the accident is required to file a claim through their insurer. The claim covers the medical care and property damage for the victim. This is why it’s vital for all drivers to comply with laws that apply to Auto Insurance in Tulsa OK.

What is the Minimum Coverage Level?

All drivers in Oklahoma must possess at least $25,000 worth of coverage for an accident injury. The maximum requirement for this coverage is $50,000. They must also ensure that they have property damage that is no less than $25,000. At the time of an auto accident or routine traffic stop, law enforcement require proof of this coverage.

Additional Auto Coverage

Although it isn’t required by law, Oklahoma drivers are encouraged to buy under or uninsured motorist insurance. This coverage covers the cost of injuries or property damage if the driver who was at fault is in violation of auto insurance laws. It also provides assistance if the at-fault driver doesn’t have adequate coverage to pay the full cost of medical treatment or property damage through their existing policy. This coverage offers a safety net for compliant drivers.

The Repercussions of Non-Compliance

All drivers are subject to penalties if they fail to provide valid proof of insurance. When they register their automobile or renew their tag, the DMV requires a new copy of their insurance card. This allows for an updated record and helps the driver or owner to avoid penalties. The current penalty for not possessing auto insurance is $250. If the driver is caught driving without coverage, law enforcement could arrest them.

At any time that there is a change in Auto Insurance in Tulsa OK, the owner should notify the DMV. This prevents administrative penalties imposed by this department. After a notification from the DMV, the driver is informed of the deadline for providing new proof of insurance. Auto owners without insurance can discover more info here about available policies.

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