Identifying Probable Accidents By Consulting Personal Injury Attorneys In Stafford, VA

In Stafford, VA, severe injuries could lead to lengthy litigation cases. Among the most common occurrences that lead to these injuries are product’s liabilities, tractor-trailer accidents, and premises liabilities. More often than not, the circumstances that surround these instances could have been avoided, if precautionary measures were taken. Personal Injury Attorneys In Stafford VA provide legal counsel for victims who have sustained injuries due to these occurrences.

Identifying a Product’s Liability

An examination of the offending product determines immediately if proper warning labels were not affixed or brandished on its packaging. Any outlined conditions within this packaging that was ignored by the consumer could have played a role in the origin of the injuries. Unfortunately, if this were the case, the victim is liable for their own injuries.

When a design flaw or defect leads to the injuries, the manufacturer is liable. In these cases, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency is contacted, if the injuries are extensive. The agency investigates the injury and examines the product. The objective is to pinpoint whether the manufacturer is at fault due to an unsolved hazarded that was not addressed or if the product was damaged while in transit.

Tractor-trailer Accidents

Common circumstances surrounding tractor-trailer accidents are drivers who are negligent due to intoxication or the influence of controlled substances. Exceeding the FMCSA’s regulated driving limits cause accidents frequently. Faulty equipment installed into the truck could also play a role in causing an accident. Anyone who sustains injuries during a tractor-trailer accident should contact Personal Injury Attorneys in Stafford VA.

Clarifying Premises Liabilities

There is a fine line between a premises liability and negligent actions of a so-called victim. If the victim was involved in an altercation during a public event, he or she shares fault. The venue owner or host is liable, if security did not take measures to stop the incident.

Further premises liabilities are identified by a failure to maintain publicly-accessible areas. Public parks require a county or city official to oversee maintenance of equipment situated throughout these areas. If a child is injured while swinging on a swing set in a public park, the park officials are liable. Parents of children who are injured in publicly-accessible areas should hire Personal Injury Attorneys. Click here for more information.

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