Identifying Legal Rights With A Family Law Attorney In Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, same-sex marriages are recognized and are legally upheld in the same way that all marriages in the state are. As long as the couple was married in a state that allows same-sex marriages, the marriage is valid in Minnesota. Unfortunately, like all marriages, sometimes it doesn’t work out and a divorce is necessary. If you wish to acquire a divorce, you should contact a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN today.

Identifying Legal Rights

Each spouse has the same rights prior to the finalization of the divorce as they did when living in the same home. This implies that they both maintain the right to the marital property, belongings stored within the property, and visitation with their children. If either spouse wishes to utilize an automobile they shared during the marriage, they have the right to enforce this right. At any time that these rights are denied a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN can file a motion against the opposing spouse.

If they shared health or dental coverage, they have access to this coverage throughout the duration of the divorce. The spouse who is classified as the policyholder cannot end this coverage for their spouse or children until the divorce terms are established and finalized by a judge. The terms of the divorce agreement determine whether or not continued coverage is required. For example, if the policyholder earns more money or is assigned alimony or child support payments, he or she would continue to pay the premiums. You should notify your Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN if coverage is canceled.

Joint Checking Accounts

Until the divorce is final, each spouse withdraws funds from their joint accounts at any time. If either party doesn’t wish to share their earnings, it is advisable for them to stop direct deposit of their paycheck into the account. However, the spouses cannot set up a new checking account and hide it from each other. Discovery is conducted during the divorce and at any time that this information is not disclosed fully, it could present a complication and delay the divorce.

Couples who wish to dissolve their marriages should begin by hiring an attorney. An attorney identifies their rights and helps them navigate through the legal ramifications associated with these proceedings. If you need to hire a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN today, contact the Anderson Law Firm and schedule an appointment.

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