Identifying Defenses with a Traffic Attorney in Warrenton, VA

In Virginia, auto drivers may receive citations when officers stop them for routine traffic stops. These circumstances could present them with high fines and penalties. In some cases, it could lead to the loss of their driver’s license. For these reasons, it is vital for drivers who were falsely accused to find the most suitable defense for their case. The following are details about defenses that are available through a traffic attorney in Warrenton, VA.

Hidden Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs that aren’t visible on the road could provide the driver with a secure defense. These conditions indicate that the driver wasn’t at fault. Typically, it is tree branches or overgrown bushes that lead to the inability to see the sign. When this is the case, the court will dismiss the ticket.

Adverse Weather or Road Conditions

Adverse weather or road conditions can contribute to reckless driving as well as auto accident. Conditions such as heavy rain, debris on the road, and faulty utility lines can lead to a defense based on these conditions. However, the driver must follow steps to acquire this evidence before defending their case.

Preventing an Accident

When surrounding drivers are too close to the driver, they will need to speed up or change lanes without signaling. These actions are typically based on the need to prevent a traffic accident. Unfortunately, they may receive a citation based on a mistake of fact. These events are often dismissed due to attempts to stop a possible accident.

Necessity When Driving Intoxicated

The only defenses applied to driving while intoxicated are if the driver is fleeing a scene because they were fearing for their lives. The only defense is when they have no other chance than to attempt to get someone to the hospital.

In Virginia, auto drivers are subject to citations if they fail to obey traffic laws. The law imposes strict penalties for these violations, which could equate to thousands of dollars for the most severe offenses. Drivers who are accused of these offenses contact a traffic attorney in Warrenton, VA to schedule an appointment or learn more about their options.

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