Ideas For Wedding Photos In Chicago

There are few locations that offer the variety of background options that are found within the city of Chicago. Wedding photos in Chicago can include very traditional church photos ans those set up as staged photos in a studio, or you can branch out and let your creative side show. Working with a photographer that has the ability to create magical images that are truly one of kind will take away any wedding day photo stress and turn it into a fun, joyous and exciting experience.

The best news is that you don’t have to be naturally creative or have that eye for the special locations in the city that make ideal backgrounds for your wedding photos. Chicago photographers can arrange all of that for you in advance, and then allow you to visit the sites and choose which ones you prefer.

Historic Locations

Wedding photos in Chicago at the many historical locations in and around the city are amazing when photographed in the right light and from a variety of angles. Black and white or sepia, which gives a unique antique look, can be very dramatic and highlight the white of the bride’s dress and the dark colors of the groom’s suit. Ideal historic locations to consider include the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain and Garden, the Cable House, the Chicago Board of Trade Building and the buildings of Garfield Park.


The many old bridges that are in and around the city make amazing locations for wedding photos. Chicago is home to traditional bridges that are a dramatic background for traditional wedding photo but also a perfect option for a fanciful or whimsical photo shoot as well.

Having the skill to capture the city scene, the strong, lasting steel and the couple in the photo is one that is sure to be treasured. It does take a bit of arranging and organization but with the right photographer this can all be handled well in advance of your big day.

Wedding photos in Chicago can also highlight your favorite places in the city. Areas such as Lakeshore Drive, Chicago History Museum and even the Shedd Aquarium can be the perfect location for your wedding pictures. Just be sure to find a photographer early and start planning to get just the location that you want.

We have years of photography experience internationally as well as in creating the perfect wedding photos in Chicago and surrounding areas.

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