Ideas For Deck Accent Lighting

An outdoor deck of any size becomes an addition to your home and living space with just a touch of creativity. One of the best ways to extend the use of your outdoor living space is to add deck accent lighting.

While this will certainly be an ideal option in the warmer seasons of the year, it can also be spectacular in the winter. Light reflecting off of the snow on a deck can make a Christmas card scene come to life right in your own backyard.

There are many options and styles of deck accent lighting available today. Remember, this is not designed to be the primary light source, but rather a way to develop an ambiance or an environment of soft lighting that highlights fixtures gives a soft, warm glow and also adds to safety by providing visibility on stairs, around railings and on other areas of the deck.

Choose Solar Power

One important consideration is the use of solar power for your deck lighting, particularly for accent lights. With the use of solar power not only do you save money over the long run, but you also limit the challenges of installation of traditional hard-wired types of lights.

Shapes and Materials

The ideal deck accent lighting will offer the same lines and colors as your deck and outdoor living space. You can also choose to pick up an accent color such as a soft, glowing bronze, a shiny copper or a gray, silver, black or white for the fixture. These same colors for the fixture can then be used for landscape lighting and fence sconces, creating a uniform look that is classic yet subtle.

Different lighting fixture shapes and locations from under deck rails or on top of posts, walls or stairs will provide pools of light where needed for safety and for aesthetics. These lights will last for years, adding that extra little touch that will make your deck the place to spend time in the day as well as the evening hours.

At TouchStone Accent Lighting, we offer a range of different options in deck accent lighting for any home or commercial deck space.

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