Ideas About Acrylic Aquarium in New York City

Aquariums are an interesting addition to any room. Even though keeping an aquarium is something that has been done since 50 A.D. in Rome, where the first glass sided aquariums appeared, the appeal to keep an aquarium has not left the modern world.

Having an aquarium offers a few benefits;

1. An aquarium can be kept when other pets, like dogs and cats, would not be as comfortable in residence.

2. Aquariums can be kept at a business without taking up to much space, adding to the beauty of public areas.

3. A wide range of aquatic animals can be kept in an aquarium.

Aquariums with glass sides continue to be available in a range of sizes for the home or office, from 10 gallons to over 100 gallons. One of the updates to keeping modern aquariums is having the choice of having an Acrylic Aquarium in New York City. Acrylic aquariums are available in the same sizes as glass aquariums and they also have the advantage of being made into a custom size or shape to fit the decor of the room they are located.

Another advantage of acrylic aquariums is that the view of the fish is not interrupted by corners that glass aquariums have. When anyone is interested in an aquarium, there are some basic choices to make. One would be the size wanted for the aquarium to make sure that the floor where the aquarium will be placed is able to support the aquarium. Water weighs about 8.5 pounds per gallon, so a 30-gallon aquarium with decorations can weigh about 275 pounds or more.

Another reason the location of the aquarium is important because of the amount of natural light that enters a room can cause increased growth of algae on the glass of the aquarium. An additional consideration has adequate electrical power for where the aquarium is located. The correct kind of light for the aquarium top as well as heaters, and filtration systems all need to have electrical power and if possible, backup power systems to prevent the aquarium from distress if the power goes out.

There are many brightly colored active fish available for both fresh and saltwater aquariums as well as other animals that can be added to make an aquarium a beautiful addition to any room. To learn more about Acrylic Aquarium in New York City, contact Aquarius Aquariums.

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