Ideal Uses For Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

There are many different uses for commercial epoxy floor coatings throughout all industries. Of course, this is also an ideal flooring consideration for showrooms, retail outlets and other similar types of applications.

There is a difference between commercial types of products and those that are marketed for residential use. Commercial use products are developed to withstand heavier traffic and a variety of different applications, making them a durable and cost-effective option even in very demanding situations.

Garages and Hangars

Garages and airplane hangars pose several problems for floor coatings. First, there is the heat from the tires and the engine that can cause lower quality coatings to peel and flake. Additionally, oil, grease, fuel and other fluid spills can easily stain and remove the surface of paints or coatings unless they are commercial epoxy floor coatings.

Production and Processing Areas

Some manufacturers offer commercial epoxy floor coatings that are USDA-approved for use in food production and processing facilities. Other types of epoxy floorings can be used on concrete floors where there is a risk of chemical spills and exposure or when there are environmental factors such as high or low temperatures that may reduce the life cycle of other floor coating options.


Kennels, vet offices and similar types of facilities need to have a quality sealant on the floor that makes it easy to clean up messes, doesn’t retain odors and that will not peel or flake. By using quality commercial epoxy coatings on the floor with a non-skid surface, not only will the floor retain its looks but it will also be safer for both the animals as well as the staff.

High Humidity or Moisture Areas

In building entrances, loading bays and manufacturing and production areas, humidity and moisture can be damaging to a concrete floor. Adding epoxy floor coatings will prevent this damage and also make the space safer by preventing skids and slips.

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