How Your Tax Lawyer in Indianapolis IN Can Help

If you are dealing with a difficult situation with the Internal Revenue Service, your Tax Lawyer in Indianapolis IN is the best person to call for help. The Internal Revenue Service is one of the worst possible creditors to have because they don’t have nearly as many rules to follow as your other creditors do. They do not have to give you a chance to respond to them in court because they don’t legally have to sue you for money owed. Rather, the IRS can simply start a wage garnishment if you owe money to them, bypassing the court system. To make matters even worse, the IRS can even garnish your Social Security income or place a lien on your home or other property you own.

All of these things are pretty common actions when the Internal Revenue Service has no resistance to their actions, and the unfortunate fact is that the majority of individuals are simply not prepared to take on the IRS. However, when the Internal Revenue Service hears from a Tax Lawyer in Indianapolis IN who is representing you, they take notice and they are much more willing to deal and to negotiate fairly.

You can often keep your property and prevent your wages from being garnished by the Internal Revenue Service if you get the help of a tax attorney who is skilled with negotiations. Maybe you owe years of back taxes, or maybe you just simply made a mistake on your tax return and now you owe more money than you could ever home to repay in a timely manner. The Internal Revenue Service is not actually unreasonable when it comes to negotiation but they work much more effectively when dealing with professional attorneys. The IRS representatives know that your attorney is aware of your rights and that your attorney will not settle for a bad deal for you.

In many cases an “offer in compromise,” which is essentially a settlement for less than you owe, can be reached with the IRS. Often, your lawyer can work it out so that your interest and penalties are forgiven in an abatement. If your tax debt is insurmountable, your lawyer can even help you get it discharged for good through a bankruptcy. Because tax law, bankruptcy law, and social security disability in Indianapolis, IN are often intertwined, your attorney can usually handle all of these cases for you.

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